rintraccio e recupero beni

Tracing and recovering property and vehicles in Italy and beyond

Caledonia stands alongside private citizens and companies as partners in the protection and recovery of property through detailed inquiry and investigation.

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Has private or company property been stolen from you?
Your property is safe with Caledonia.

Caledonia has become highly specialized in tracing and recovering property to best protect your interests. Our operating methodology includes diversified strategies combined into a customized approach to satisfy all your needs.
Our synergic combination of collection and investigation initiatives ensures maximum speed and efficiency for securing the safety of your property.
Our direct presence on the ground and widespread network of professionals are deciding factors for successfully tracing and recovering your assets. Caledonia provides maximum transparency during all our activities, constantly sharing all stages of recovery with the client, both out of court and in litigation.

Recovering property and vehicles out of court

How to avoid risks or reduce them to a minimum

The strategy for out of court recovery of property and vehicles hinges on maximum speed and efficiency of intervention, avoiding risks and litigation costs. Our specialized team conduct a meticulous investigation to collect information and analyse documentation. All action in the field is supported with back office activities and constant monitoring of the intervention so that the recovery strategy can be adapted to varying circumstances.

Recovering property out of court ensures speed and reduces the risk of it being concealed or losing value. All the stages of investigation, recovery, and return of property, both inside Italy and beyond, are managed directly by Caledonia without intermediaries for constant control over the operations.

Caledonia also offers a logistics service for the safe keeping of goods in a warehouse equipped with the most modern security systems.

Recovering property and vehicles during litigation

How to manage every stage of tracing and recovery

When property has been misappropriated, Caledonia can also support clients during legal proceedings.
Caledonia constantly monitors the location of the property inside Italy, Europe, or beyond and acts in collaboration with the local authorities to ensure rapid recovery and return.
Each step in the delicate legal procedure can be proactively managed thanks to the specialised legal skills of the Caledonia staff.