Insurance investigations: preventing and managing the risk of fraud

Caledonia assists in the prevention and management of any irregularities in accidents, thefts, damage, or events eligible for compensation.

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Do you want to shield yourself against the risk of insurance fraud?

Caledonia looks after your interests scientifically. Our investigations aim to identify anomalies and/or irregularities in the dynamics of reported events, establishing elements of proof also usable during legal procedures to refute claims for both material and bodily damages.

Insurance investigations

How to limit the risk of fraud

Preventing and managing fraud in accidents, thefts, damage, etc., and in procedures for compensating illness or accidents, starts from the collection of information through accurate documentary analyses.

Caledonia’s investigative activities involve on-site inspections for the collection of reputational information on companies or individuals and to establish any objective or subjective connections like degrees of kinship between the subjects involved, frequency of accidents, and recurrence of professional figures like doctors, surveyors, or consultants. Our specialised approach enables Caledonia to achieve maximum depth of information in every investigation.

Insurance investigations offer a concrete competitive advantage for insurance companies for the prevention and mitigation of company risk and protecting corporate assets.