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Caledonia, a culture of loyalty

Company risk management is a noble science that always puts your rights in first place.

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A DNA based on specialization and innovation

Caledonia represents a new horizon in company risk management because it strives to deepen the definition of the parameters of this profession, shifting the focus from statistical data to the person and the protection of individual rights. Every security and risk management strategy implemented by Caledonia is based on a logic of protection of personal interests, while maintaining constant loyalty and professional ethics.
Advanced ability in relations, listening, interaction, and negotiation are fundamental qualifications underlying every intervention, ensuring continuous support and sharing during every strategic phase.

Roberto Mallardo
Security and risk management
activity is afflicted by a major
logical and legal uncertainty:
it is not considered as a profession.
We want to help change this,
and so we created this company
focusing on quality, professionalism,
and organization.

Roberto Mallardo

Operating method

From analysis to the definition of an operating strategy

Analysis of the situation
Understanding the client's needs and specific requirements
Customized design operating strategy
Synergy of the various methodologies proposed to achieve maximum rapidity and effectiveness
Constant information sharing with client
Achievement of objective: the protection of the individual and his wellbeing
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caledonia metod
Antonello Andreoni
“Negotiating requires understanding
what is needed, respecting limits,
and always promoting good faith,
fairness, and transparency.
There can be no grey areas.“

Antonello Andreoni

caledonia metod


For Caledonia, the client's requirements represent the starting point for all our activity

A characterizing feature is the ability to identify solutions that fully resolve the problems addressed, working through constant comparison and rapid updating with our clients.
Caledonia, as a credit recovery and investigation company, is bound by professional confidentiality, and thus does not consider it appropriate to publish information about relations with clients.
It is, however, a solid partner and reference point for many important client companies.
Over multiannuel years of activity, Caledonia has been appointed consistently by Swiss and foreign companies operating in the leasing, renting, insurance and banking sectors. It has also received specific commissions from numerous legal offices and private individuals.


Do you need consultancy to protect your company or private life?

Caledonia is capable of comprehending all your needs in depth, applying a customized approach to risk management, clearly delimiting the perimeter of action, and offering integrated, effective, and transparent solutions.

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